Neco Mura Cat Café Okinawa – Getting my caffine and cat fix.

Neco Mura Cat Café Okinawa – Getting my caffine and cat fix.

It is my understanding that many women go through baby fever. Where your desire to have a baby, be around the baby, snuggle a baby, maybe even eat a baby (What?!)  Babies are on your mind all the time and you just can’t let it go. I’m not really one to have that problem, er… babies just don’t do it for me?   I do go through phases where I suddenly crave puppy breath and kitten kisses. See, I’m not a complete monster. A little fur baby in our house to snuggle, play with, teach new tricks, get up in the middle of the night to pull them off the curtains.  At this moment most of that sounds extremely appealing since we are having our own form of baby fever over here.

But living overseas makes moving our pets to and from the United States really difficult and it’s not the responsible thing for our family. Another pet that we have to not only care for but find a service to bring home; a very costly endeavor. We brought both of our medium-size dogs here for quite a steal at $4000(including all expenses), which was a deal at the time for the service we used.

The wonderful thing about living in Japan is they have a cure for this.  Often, Japanese people are working long hours and have extremely small apartments. So they’ve come up with a way to satisfy those urges of when you just want to completely cover your new black shirt and tiny little hairs that somehow survive the wash. C’mon you know that feeling?!

 Throughout Japan, you’ll find a variety of animals cafés with the different types of animals including owls, bunnies and snakes; but on Okinawa we have the most common, Cat Cafés. You can have snuggles and eat your cake too!

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Neco Mura – Cat Café Okinawa

This cozy cat café keeps things simple. If you need to get your fluffy snuggle fix mixed with a jolt of caffeine to get you through the day, then Neco Cat Café Okinawa has got you covered.  If you are looking for a trending café  full of fancy drinks and decor, look else where. This Cat café is built for the kitties.

Neco Mura has a variety of coffees and tea, a few staple Japanese dishes (curry, rice, and creamy pastas) and an adorable clowder of cats (apparently that is what you call a group of cats, a clowder… who knew). The visit cost a little under ¥1100 for an hour plus drinks and food. Neco Mura is run by an Okinawan woman and upon entering she handed us wipes for our hands and a pamphlet to read on the directions of how to behave in the cat café.

The thing about cats is that they don’t really volunteer themselves for much. I’m sure your cat at home loves you and when you return, wants to snuggle in your lap while you sip your wine and bitch about life. Imagine if you lived in a place where complete strangers want to cuddle you all day long. This happens every. single. day! Ugh, that sounds like a real form of hell. Thus there are rules. For people like me, who get too excited and forget all sense when they see tiny wet noses and padded paws. I get all looney tunes Elmira when I see animals (it’s the hair). Cat’s apparently need space and decompression times. Pssh, I guess that sounds fair.


So I sat calmly, enjoying my caffine and cat fix. Then shot some pictures of these beauties.

 cat cafe okinawa, cat on bookshelf, cat with manga

cat cafe okinawa, 3 cats hanging out, grey cat, orange and white cat, long haired catAll the cats are really beautiful with a vast variety in breeds. Some were more playful than others but all were gentle and well mannered. The owner focuses on rescuing and adopting the cats so please go adopt one for me. I can not afford any more swifters!

Their Website, which is only in Japanese, keeps you updated on schedule and the kitties that are available for adoption.

What was your favorite animal cafe? I am thinking of trying the Owl Café in Tokyo when my mom visits since she is allergic to cats. Thoughts?

  • Rachael says:

    Oh, I’m SO HAPPY that they are rescue cats up for adoption! I’m always very wary of animal cafes cause I worry about the conditions for the animals, so i’ve never been one, but if they’re adopting the little guys out, this seems awesome. I love cats 🙂

  • Forever Fernweh says:

    Yes, Rachael, they are up for grabs! Also, all the cats were quite beautiful. and clearly well cared for. I have heard that mainland Japan has been having some issues with this lately but here in Okinawa, these little guys seem loved.

  • Nuraini says:

    Squeee!!! Oh what a perfect place! I travel too much to have a cat again, after my last one passed away. are they rescue kitties? They seem to be quite varied in breed.

    • Forever Fernweh says:

      They are rescues. They also take a few in and try to adopt them out as well. Have you seen the facebook video with the couple who travels with their cat, it is the cutest thing!

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