Liebster Award – My first blog award!

Liebster Award – My first blog award!

I was very excited when I woke up this week to a comment on my latest post. I love comments so thank you for everyone who takes the time to do so! This comment was different though, I was nominated for a Liebster award by Susannah over at Healthy Green Savvy. (Thanks Susannah!) Go check out her page, she blogs about easy healthy living, I love her post on edible weeds, did you know you can eat violets?! They are popping up all over my yard so I’ll be giving them a try.

violets, sea glass, soft flowers, vase of violets, tiny wildflowers, purple flowers in vase, purple wildflowers, liebster award
This is what I do with violets normally.

The Liebster award is for bloggers, from bloggers. Liebster is German for “dearest loved, favorite”. The award is given to bloggers that are new and have a small following from other bloggers who have been awarded. It is used as a way to show appreciation for what you are putting out there. The Liebster award is given as a blogger’s high five if you will. It is a great networking tool, a way to support each other and pretty fun if you ask me. You answer questions given and find 10 new blogs, nominate them and ask them 10 questions of your own. 

 My Liebster Award Nominees:

Paper, Ink and Passports

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Mind the travel

Kollecting Koordinates 

Chasing Penelope

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Whispers of Mortality

Lens and Sunscreen

Whitney in Paris

I’m taking off


Upon Acceptance:

-Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog in your post

-Copy and paste your Liebster Award into your post.

-Nominate 10 more bloggers who have 200 followers or less

-Answer the 10 questions that were asked of you and create 10 questions for the bloggers you are nominating.

-Nominate bloggers by leaving them a comment on one of their posts!

10 Liebster Award Questions Asked of Me


1. What is your blog about?

I blog about getting out and exploring whenever possible. Either a foreign country or someplace close to home. I currently live in Okinawa, Japan. Since I know we won’t be here forever, I’m trying my best to do/see everything possible and I want to motivate others to do the same.

2. Who/what inspired you to start your blog?

Being a solid 13 hours away from my greatest friends and family, talking and sharing our lives over here can get pretty difficult. I figured this was a good way to do that. I also have been trying to learn photography and it is a perfect way to hold myself accountable for continuing and not let my photos just sit in my hard drive. Mostly, I use blogs so often to research travel, gardening, cooking, DIY, or really anything. Because of that I wanted to be able to help anyone looking for information about Okinawa, traveling etc.

3. What is the biggest mistake that you have made with your blog?

I wish I had really sat down and figured out who my exact audience was before I started. I made this blog for the reasons above but I wish I had a deeper focus when I first started. I’m actually still working on this. Trying to figure out who I’m really trying to reach and the problem I’m trying to solve. Working it out while posting can be helpful, see what works, what doesn’t. I do feel that if I started with a clear focus on my niche, ideas might flow easier.

4. What other bloggers do you admire?

I love the travel and expat blogs of course, but I really love blogs that focus on the authors lives. Perhaps it is the voyeur in me. 😳 If they live somewhere that I envy, even better! – Anna writes about day to day life. She recently married and had the most stunning wedding. Oh and she blogs from Boston and is a teacher… hmmmm can’t see why I would be drawn to her. – Amanda’s photos and storytelling put my thoughts at ease when we found out we would be moving to Okinawa. She was the first Okinawa blog I read and I still follow her beautiful families adventures today. – This blog puts my years of french classes to the test. Totally kidding, I don’t remember much from those classes at all. Thank goodness for google translate! Camille is a lifestyle blogger that has much of the same interest as me. Her work is stunning and blog is the same.

5. What is the biggest weakness in your blog you hope to improve on?

Social media. Social media is tough. The rules are ever changing. Each platform uses different types of media and algorithms.  Finding the right ones for your niche and audience takes lots and lots of time. It is a trial and error game and I’m just beginning to play. My goal for this year is to grow on different social media platforms and see what takes off as well as benefits me to be a better blogger, traveller, writer, and photographer.

6. What are your biggest strengths?

I think design and a creative eye. I found that I continued to go back to the blogs that not only had great content but their sites were easy to navigate and read, they were also clean and beautiful. I spent quite some time picking a theme then changing its code to make the site look the way I wanted. I hope people like it as much as I do.  I also just started to actually be proud of my photography progress. Seeing it all pulled together on the site makes me feel like I’m succeeding in that area.

7. What keeps your creativity flowing?

Photography. Sometimes I find myself taking photos for a post that I’m planning and other times I take some photos and it helps create a post idea. Travel is also a passion of mine that inspires ideas, when I can find the time and money to do it. I’m working with a few ideas that talk more about the wanderlusting of travel, which never ends. There is always a new place to go.

8. What have you learned from blogging?

That it is not easy. There are something like 150 million blogs on the internet. To stand out and get readers is not an easy quick task. It takes way more time than I ever expected to write, edit, take photos, edit photos, edit again and post. That is just to get the post up. To get people to read it you need to use a variety of social media outlets which all have their own rules and formats.

That being said my blog is a labor of love. I really enjoy doing it and using it as a creative outlet.

9. Do you have a day job as well?

I do. I went to school for Art Education but currently work in the Sure Start (overseas head start) program. I love it, my class is brilliantly funny and adorable.

10. What is the best advice that you could give a new blogger?

Take the time before you publish your first post to really hash out some important elements of your blog. Do your research on other blogs that have a similar focus, take the time to design a site that not only you love but the reader will want to stay and spend time on. Find a community to bounce ideas off of, get feedback and advice. I’ve learned so much from forums and blogger groups. But mostly, do it because you love it and you want to share your view of the world.



My 10 Liebster award questions for you if you dare…

  1. Where do your blog post ideas come from?
  2. What keeps you returning to certain blogs?
  3. What made you finally say, “I’m doing it, I’m going to create a blog!”?
  4. What has been your favorite travel destination?
  5. What are your favorite/go to songs for a road trip?
  6. Where are you from and what is your favorite place to visit there?
  7. If money was no object what would be your top travel destination and what would you do there?
  8. Where do you get your blog’s photos? If you shoot them yourself, what equipment do you use?
  9. Best blogging advice?
  10. What is your favorite blog/blogger?

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