Photo Dump – Milos, Greece. My favorite Cyclade Island.

Photo Dump – Milos, Greece. My favorite Cyclade Island.

Our last stop in Greece is Milos. It was amazing to me how different each Greek island was. While they were all relatively close in proximity, each one had vast differences in the landscape and geology. Hands down Milos was my favorite. This island had everything. Amazing beaches, a lively Chora city and a plethora of things to do. When you leave the ferry boat, you walk to the right and you are greeted with lots of restaurants and a docking area with an assortment of boats you can charter with different activities you can do.

sailboats with bright cloudy sky

Milos is an island of beautiful cliffs with clear blue coves and small network of caves. Supposedly, this is what made this island the perfect hideout of pirates and it is said that Barbarossa’s ship used the island often to rest while still hiding his ship from his enemies. I don’t know how true that is, but this island does have some major history. The statue “Venus de Milo” was found on this island.  She was found in a cave by a man who came across it in the ancient city ruins. So jealous, I wish I could discover some fascinating art that changes the world… ugh.

Our remaining days spent here with full of clear blue skies and a bright sun that made the white rocks and buildings sparkle in the light. We chartered a boat to see the various beaches, each with their own personality, that you can not get to by car. The rest of the time we rented a scooter and drove around to enjoy the scenery.

Milos had the best beaches, best activities, best food. Best best best!


We're on a boat Motherf*cker!
We’re on a boat Motherf*cker!


Kleftiko white rocks milos greece
Kleftiko, a beautiful network of caves and folklore claims it as a pirate hideout!





colorful doors, milos greece, klima
Klima. Those colorful garages are for boats during storms.


Tsigrado beach, Milos greece Kayaking



Fyropotamos, milos greece






Milos Greece, plants, cat, greek buildings
Plaka , This beautiful town actually has a sunset that rivals the ones in Santorini, but with far less crowds.


Plaka, Milos Greece, Greek buildings


Greek Church, Milos Plaka Greece Sunset, mountains


Sunset in Plaka, Milos, Greece
Sunset in Plaka, Milos, Greece



So there you have it. Our multi island tour of the cyclades in Greece. Five islands in 15 days of September. Our first major overseas trip was a huge success and took the spark I had for travel and ignited it.

What was the travel experience that made you want to continue to explore the world?



  • neha says:

    Simply stunning pics. I would definitely go here when I plan my greece trip. Particularly love the beautiful coast line and the crystal clear water.

  • Milos looks so beautiful and exotic. The islands of Greece are so magical and it is great to know that there are many islands which are beautiful and lesser known. Greece beyond Mykonos and Santorini is indeed a great revelation.

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