Photo Dump – Naxos, Greece

Photo Dump – Naxos, Greece

Greek Island of Naxos is the largest in the Greek Cyclades. It is known for its versatile terrain of beaches, mountains and fertile farmland.  The main village, or Chora, had a more urban feel to me. Most of the islands we visited focused on tourism and as the season grew to an end you could feel a change to the island. Not Naxos. Naxos is an island that provides many families homes year round. We saw more children playing in the streets and families walking home with groceries. We were able to rent a small room with a kitchen here so we used our time here to spend a few nights in, cooking from the local corner stores and making our own meals. It was a good break after our go go go pace from the last couple of islands.

Greece flag on ferry boat in mediterranean


greek island small boat dock naxos


naxos greece smooth water


naxos mountains. Mount Zeus
Mount Zeus in Naxos helps keep the land fertile by holding the clouds to provide water to the otherwise dry climate.


main city road on greek island
Chora city of Naxos


gate of Apollo overlooking chora naxos greece
Gate of Apollo is the symbol of this island. The first thing you see when you take a ferry in, this structure dates back 2500 years ago!


Greek sunset naxos


After a few nights rest we were ready to get back on the ferry. Truthfully, Naxos didn’t really speak to me. I can’t quite pinpoint why. The noise and the so so beaches could have played a roll. Many travelers make a stop here so I could have missed something. I was also itching to get to Santorini which was the next stop, so we spent a total of three nights here. I think I would have been happy with two.  So maybe Naxos wasn’t my favorite stop but we still enjoyed ourselves by renting a quad and taking it for a spin around the island and slowing our pace down for a few evenings helped rejuvenate us for the next two islands, Santorini and Milos.

Have you ever traveled somewhere that left you questioning the reason for its popularity?


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