Photo Dump – Paros, Greece

Photo Dump – Paros, Greece

Welcome to my Photo Dumps!!! Every other Friday I plan to post a small gallery post with a focused topic. For the first few I will be going through our photos from our Greece trip in 2013. Wade and I hopped around the cyclade Islands for 2 weeks. No itinerary, no hotels or ferries booked. Just us coming and going as we pleased. It is easily our favorite way to travel.

First stop: Paros, Greece



Wades first big boat ride. He really enjoyed it.


Green rustic doors of paros greece

Ally way streets in Paros, Greece
Wandering the city of Paros.


Apollon garden restaurant Paros, Greece
Apollon Garden restaurant, Paros, Greece


Kalami Paros, Greece

Kalami scooter drive Paros, Greece
The view of the port city from the back of our rented scooter. Kalami Village.


Naouse port Paros, Greece
The northern port of Naousa.




Aliki sunset Paros, Greece
Sunset in Aliki Village.


Our ridiculously adorable balcony at the Dillion Hotel in Paros, Greece. We loved this little hotel and highly recommend it if you find yourself there.
Our ridiculously adorable balcony at the Dilion Hotel in Paros, Greece. We loved this little hotel and highly recommend it if you find yourself there.


I just looooved Paros. It couldn’t have been a more perfect place to start our trip. Great jumping off point for many islands, including some off the beaten path. We spent our time recovering from jet lag on the small beaches with countless Alpha beers (all provided by beach side bar service!!)  and scootin around to the various ports; taking in all the perfection that is the Cyclades. The people of Paros are sweet as can be. After docking past 10pm an older gentleman named Parish drove us to find the location of our Dilion Hotel after seeing us pass his café table three times with our luggage. This is the only pre booked hotel. We thought it would be better to book when on the ferry and using their wifi, you know to AVOID walking aimlessly in the dark… But we made it and it was fantastic!




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