Shirogane – Biei Blue Pond

Shirogane – Biei Blue Pond

During our flower field adventures , we detoured a little to give Wade a much-needed reboot. We took a side trip to one of the other popular sites in the area, Biei blue pond. We were hoping to sit by the water, enjoy the oddity of this natural phenomenon and rest our feet.


Biei Blue pond, hokkaido, japan, Shirogane blue pond

This place had me floored. Yes, the pond was a glorious, opaque blue. The dried, bone white birch trees poking through provided a beautiful contrast to the hunter green trees that surrounded the pond. The Biei blue pond was good. The Biei blue pond was cool. The bus loads of tourists walking along a 4-foot wide path contouring the pond, not so much.

Not so fricken much!

Biei Blue pond, hokkaido, japan, Shirogane blue pond

It was completely bizarre the amount of people that were all trying to catch a glimpse of this pond. I don’t recommend it but if you feel the need, set your alarm to sunrise, which is about 4:30 am in Hokkaido! I was pushed, literally pushed out of the way several times. At one point Wade and I lost each other. The path is all of a quarter mile long. How on earth can you lose someone!  The whole experience would take about 5 minutes to see. It is that small, but hundreds of people were there, trying to walk the path and take photos and be the biggest jerks. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but only slightly.

Biei Blue pond, hokkaido, japan, Shirogane blue pond

The Blue pond is actually a newer attraction, man-made in 2010 to deal with erosion. Apparently, the color is the reflection of the sky off the aluminum filled water with the bed of the pond bleached white from sulfur and lime. Gotta love Science!

I did manage to get a few photos that were not blurry from the elbows and shoulders that popped my own and my camera’s personal bubble. But really, it is not worth the side visit. 

Just look at the old Mac desktop instead 😉

Update: According to the Biei Tourism Page, the pond suffered some damage after a typhoon this August. So if this post didn’t deter you, please check there for updates and accessibility.



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