The best tempura on the littlest island

The best tempura on the littlest island

ou island okinawa japan rock wall flower

ou island okinawa japan beach path
Another Oki beach path!

Ou Island (Ojima) is home to about 1,000 people and the best tempura in Okinawa!!!

I went to Ou Island for my exploration day this past week.  The island is so small, you can drive around it in about 5 minutes.  Though small, it is the perfect place to stop over, stretch your legs and have a yummy lunch while checking out the southern part of Okinawa. I spent about 2 hours on the island walking the small inner village taking photos. When I was finished exploring the whole island by foot, the smell of fried deliciousness led me to a tiny take out window.

ou island okinawa japan tempura vegetable ocean view
Veggie Tempura was made of heaps of onions and tiny carrot pieces.
tempura dessert ou island okinawa japan ocean view
Oishii (delicious)

The tempura restaurant had some English on the menu so you don’t feel completely lost.  I ordered some fish, veggies and fried dough …. for a total of ¥ 260. Seriously….  2 bucks and I was in my happy place!! I grabbed my bag of goodies and  headed to an abandoned building on the beach I found while roaming. If you order nothing else, get the fried dough. You may feel the need for a long run after but IT. IS. WORTH. IT.   “This made me feel things I had never felt before” is the text I sent Wade to be exact.

ou island okinawa japan abandoned window ocean view chair

 This abandoned building had a chair with a beautiful view all set out for me. There was also a place that looked like an easy spot to dive from.  We’ll be checking that out soon, I’ll let you know. The water was that perfect Okinawan blue. You know, that blue that reminds you how lucky you are to live in paradise!


Yea that blue!  I feel bad this place was never finished. From the shell of the building it looked like it was going to be breathtaking.

Have you had a Japanese dessert that you want to eat over and over?



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